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Whether you’re in school or in the midst of a busy job season, you’re probably up to your ears in work. Between chugging coffee, squeezing in 10-minute power naps and staring at your computer, working out might be the last thing on your mind.

That’s why we’re making it easy on you. Here’s a quick workout to get your heart rate up, get mobile and work those muscles.

What you’ll need: Backpack, books

The book and backpack workout

Exercise Reps Sets
Backpack Swings 10 2
Backpack Squats 12 2
Backpack Goodmornings 12 2
Book Glute Bridges 15 2
Book Bridge with Single Leg Lift 10 each side 2
Book Lateral Lunges 10 each side 2

Check it out in video form below!


It’s that time of year — whether you’re in school waist-deep in final exams or packing up your campus dorm/apartment, this workout is for you! No weights required, just the old college essentials! 🎒📚 S/O to Oxygen Ambassador @kasenfitness for this one!