Weight Loss

GREAT advice and inspiration from Cicily Goodwin who has transformed herself on the Healthy Mummy Plans.

“People will tell you it’s impossible to lose big numbers naturally.. I’m told all the time it’s “too good to be true”.. But this is achieved 100% through the Healthy Mummy! I’ve had no surgeries for weight loss or loose skin.’

“53kgs lost.. Who has big numbers to lose?? Does it that sound daunting to you? Like it’s just unachievable and never going to happen?

I lost 53kgs by averaging 700grams per week weight loss. Just 700grams.

A lot of people aim big like 2kgs.. for me that just didn’t work, I decided to take a moderate, and relaxed approach to my weight loss and it worked!.. I didn’t stop going out for dinner..

I didn’t stop eating chocolate.. I liveeeeed through this journey, and I enjoyed it!”

You can also read Cicily’s food diary here

“Make it enjoyable! Don’t destroy yourself trying to lose 2kgs a week. 700grams is the magic number!! That’s still 35kgs a year, who wouldn’t be happy with that?”

Cicily has used The Healthy Mummy app and The Healthy Mummy Smoothies.

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