Even at Nutright, we understand how much the term ‘cheat day’ might mean to you. Especially when the entire month you have been munching on that ‘boring’ healthy food and have been working your butt off at the gym equally. Cheat days are like those little treats we all look forward to as a part of our fitness journey. While we are pretty much understanding of how you must be planning out everything for that one day and you might already have that list ready, let us just add some eateries to it in case you have skipped your mind or you have not checked them out already; after all, who doesn’t appreciate a fat juicy burger on their cheat day? The dead city of Islamabad is not so dead anymore, especially when it comes to food.

Howdy (Sector F-7)

Howdy Islamabad

Located at the very heart of the city, Howdy is number one on our list of places selling the biggest and juiciest burgers in town for two main reasons: number one, the size of the burger you would be getting is a 10/10, something you wouldn’t find elsewhere. And number two, the cost-effectiveness. Also, the cowboy-themed ambiance might as well just add as a number three. If you don’t have a bara pait you might as well be unable to finish that one burger on your plate all by yourself, guaranteed.

Cannoli (Sector F-11)

Canoli by Cafe soul

This is one of those emerging food places that still need to go a little more into gaining popularity, but those who know about Cannoli and have been there: they usually don’t have a second option for burgers after this. If you are willing to spend a little in the name of quality char-grilled burgers, drive over to F-11 Markaz. It’s a small homey place but these guys sure know how to keep up with good taste.

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Jessies (Sector F-7, Jinnah Super Market)

Jessies Islamabad

If you already have been to the gol market in Jinnah Super to get some fresh gol gappas and channa chaat, Jessies should be your next pick for the trip. Even though the place is a quite small setup, it has gained some immense popularity over time because of the super moist beef patty their burgers carry (try their Grand Beef and you would not regret it) and secondly, their serving of quality fries in a cute and petite steel bucket is an added factor. Oh and if you didn’t already know, this burger outlet is owned by our very own Coke Studio sensation Umair Jaswal, hence the name Jessies. Geddit?

Pablo’s Build-Your-Own-Burger (BYOB) (Sector F-11)

Pablos build your own burger (Byob) islamabad

Reminds you of Build a Bear, doesn’t it? This is pretty much similar, with the only exception being burgers instead of teddy bears that you get to make. This eatery named after the very famous Columbian drug dealer might actually become your favorite burger joint (especially if you’re a Narcos fan). You pick your own burger toppings, which means there are no limits to it at all. Your burger can hence end up looking like an entire tower dripping of cheese, patty, and veggies. The place is quite small, with an accommodation of only a handful of tables, but it’s a must-try place if you live in Islamabad.