Don’t you just hate getting out of bed on a weekend and that too, for an hour’s worth session of sweat and sore muscles? Congratulations, you are one of the 90% of us Pakistanis who are determined to stay fit, yet absolutely fail to make an effort to make that happen most of the times. And while for many of us, the real problem lies in the abs that are nowhere even near ‘toned’, the desi built that we inherit doesn’t always gift us a pair of well-toned arms.

With biceps carrying blobs of fat that keeps on spreading everywhere, so many of us let our self-esteem be put at stake just because we think our arms aren’t made for those classy looking cap sleeves on that slim fit saaree blouse seen in a showcase. Now either you can give up on that outfit completely thinking there’s no way you can ever wear that, or you can get a grip on yourself and that too by staying in bed, to actually do something about those flabby arms. Here are Nutright’s top five picks for exercises that can be easily done even when you don’t wish to get yourself off that mattress.

The Triceps Bend

Lying on your back with both of your feet resting hip-width apart on the surface underneath and your knees bent, relax your shoulders and gradually lift them off the mattress. Straighten your arms, stretching them in front of you, at this point the inner side of both arms should be perfectly in contact with your ribs. This is best done with weights in both hands, but if you don’t have any you can ball both hands into fists just making sure that your palms are facing downwards. Gently bend both arms into a 90-degree position, lifting upwards. Repeat this cycle.

The Single Chest Press Pulse

For this, you would have to sit upright in your bed and keep your back very straight. Raise both arms in front of your face and into a 90-degree angle, bring both elbows in contact with each other and both palms in contact subsequently. You would be looking as if you are in a praying position. Press your lower arms together and as you raise your arms up few inches higher and after that withdraw. Keep lifting your arms repetitively for the coveted measure of reps.

Arm Circles

To start off with arm circles, you can sit straight in your bed with both of your arms stretched out on either side of your body. Gradually move your arms in hovers without pivoting your wrists or elbows, creating small circles in the air. As you wind up plainly usual to the movement, get a move on for a more serious exercise, while as yet concentrating on keeping up legitimate shape. Add weights to it for an intense session.

The Half Cobra

More of a half pushup, this is done by adjusting yourself stomach down on the bed and stretching out both legs. Bringing both the arms to your sides, with the hands reaching your armpits almost, lift your upper body up almost 6 inches off the ground without straining the neck and hold it in there for a few seconds before lowering back down.

Elbow Pushups

Start off in the usual pushup position with your tummy against the mattress, resting your body on your forearms. Gradually lift your right forearm off and put your palm over there instead, notice how your right-hand side is now lifted higher than the left. Do the same on the left side, and then go back to the starting position by bringing the forearms back on the surface instead of the arms.

Try these small exercises and feel the difference within days. The only key is the consistency.