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If you are one of those people who struggle with problems like thin or short hair and have struggled to grow your hair to longer lengths or are not able to add volume to your natural hair even after trying all the remedies, then the ultimate solution to your dilemma can be hair extensions. 

There are several different types of hair extensions that come in variations and can be used to regain your confidence as well as boost your confidence to carry yourself without having to worry about how you might be looking. 

You can use hair extensions that you can get from while going on several different occasions or can also carry them in your everyday life to increase your glam quotient and always look picture-perfect. For this, you can use several different types of hair extensions. 

Two of these types are permanent and clip-in (a type of temporary) hair extension. So, here is the basic difference between them that can help you to find your ultimate favourite to best suit your needs. 

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Permanent Hair Extensions

As the name suggests, permanent hair extensions are weaves or individual strands of human hair that are mostly attached to your hair using different kinds of techniques with the purpose of lasting for several weeks or months. 

Permanent hair extensions are a great solution for people who do not like to get into the hassle of attaching and removing hair extensions every day, as these hair extensions can last for weeks and, in some cases, even for months if looked after well. Some can be reapplied/adjusted in a salon to last even longer.

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This kind of hair extension can help to give your hair a more natural finish and require less daily styling. However, one thing that needs to be remembered is that it requires proper care and handling, most will need to be applied by a salon hairdresser. 


  • Nano rings
  • Tape-in 
  • Micro rings
  • U-tip/ nail-tip
  • Stick tip


  • Give your hair a more natural look
  • Hair look thicker and fuller 
  • It is durable if maintained properly

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are one of the most common types of temporary hair extensions that can be attached and removed from your hair on the same day without having to be permanently applied to your own natural hair. 

This means that you do not require any kind of professional help to attach these hair extensions to your natural hair, which helps you to save money without having to burn a hole in your pocket for expensive salons. 

Another great thing about such hair extensions is that if you do not like to carry the same look every day and love to try new things, clip-in hair extensions will give you a chance to fulfil your wish because they can be removed whenever you want to. 


  • Clip-in fringes 
  • Wrap-around ponytails
  • Pre-styled 


  • They are easy to attach and remove without any professional help.
  • They are less expensive than most permanent hair extensions.
  • You experience no pain when wearing these extensions. 
  • They are easy to maintain and do not require regular washing.
  • They also come in the pre-styled form. 

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